One Sanity Rally Won’t Get The Job Done

  Watched the last 90 minutes or so of Jon Stewart’s sanity rally on the mall.  It was a slam against the sensationalism,  fear mongering and outright disinformation – the lack of perspective and context being generated by political campaigns and a news media which continues to grovel for ratings rather than seeking the truth.

Or, as Stewart put it, “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.”

Any generation gap that might have existed was blown away when Tony Bennet  stepped onto the stage to belt out “America the Beautiful.”  There was also a terrific closing monologue from Jon Stewart.  Those were the high points for me as I’m no big fan of Stewart or Colbert.   However, the rally left me with a feeling of how much the country could be if our politicos would stop focusing on themselves and their parties, and start working for their constituents.   Going for optimism instead of negativity and moving the people of the United States forward.

Again, in Stewart’s words, “We work together to get things done every damn day.  The only place we don’t, is here (Washington, D.C.), or on cable tv.”

Remember optimism?  Can you recall feeling good about the future?

That, of course, would require statesmanship.  Not sure that’s still possible with a system that been bought off by corporate lobbyists.

It’s doubtful Stewart’s rally will impact the midterms.   Those who attended and most of those who were watching on tv were already in his corner.

People have stopped reading newspapers, so they don’t really know what’s going on.  Many are simply in denial with regard to the way the government has been hijacked by high-rollers.  We’re so far gone that one rally won’t get it done.  It’s full-blown shock treatment the nation needs and without a major course correction that’s exactly where we’re headed.

Meantime, a little sanity can go a long way.  It’s nice to know that somebody is at least, trying.

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