One Crony Capitalist As Bad As Another


The headlines are screaming this morning about Jeb Bush exploring a run at the White House in 2016! Who cares?

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton….one tool of Wall Street is the same as another.  That’s what the headlines should read. We’re finished as a representative democracy unless we can overcome the problem of crony capitalism with Wall Street dictating terms to the Congress and the White House.  

That’s the elephant in the middle of the room no one wants to discuss.

For those of you who want Elizabeth Warren to run, consider this:  She’d probably be crushed by the truckloads of money the right would put up against her.   My God, she’d be accused of all kinds of nonsense.   What the Switfboaters did to Kerry and the Bush/Rove machine did to McCain and Ann Richards would be nothing compared to the defamatory crap they’d throw at Warren.  And some would believe it.

Some, will believe anything, which is why Dick Cheney is still out there arguing for the non-existent positive attributes of torture.

For  the time being,  Warren can probably do more good in the Senate, being a thorn in Wall Street’s side as she continues gaining popularity.    Give her one or two more terms becoming a leading mouthpiece for the Dems and she might be unbeatable on the national stage.   America’s new Lioness of the Senate.  One of the brave few who refuses to sell out.  What used  to be called a patriot.


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