O.J. Simpson’s Suit May Go To The Smithsonian

Fellow Simpson Trial veteran Linda Deutsch of the AP reports from Santa Monica, that the suit, shirt and tie O.J. Simpson wore when he was acquitted of murder in criminal court will be donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

Simpson was later found liable for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in civil court in Santa Monica, and ordered to pay damages in the amount of $33.5 million.  Ron Goldman’s father, Fred, has been in a running battle to try and collect the court award.  Deutsch reports that Simpson’s former sports agent, Mike Gilbert, who had the clothing, came up with the idea of donating it to the Smithsonian, with no profits going to anybody.

The Smithsonian has not yet agreed to accept the clothing.

Simpson agreed to the deal from a prison cell in Nevada, where he is doing 9 years for robbery and kidnapping in connection with an unrelated case.   Mr. Simpson continues to insist he is innocent of killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman even though he wrote a book entitled “If I Did It,”  based upon the idea of how Brown and Goldman were killed.  According to Simpson it’s all hypothetical, since he says he was nowhere near the murder scene when it happened.

The rights to the book were awarded to the Goldman family.  Apparently, they won’t be getting the suit, shirt and tie.  Presumably O.J.’s search for the real killers will continue upon his release.

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