Obama Sets Aside Due Process For American Citizens


Okay, this is outrageous.  President Obama just signed the “National Defense Authorization Act” for 2013.  As I understand it, this is supposed to authorize financing for the nation’s military to the tune of $633 billion.  However, last year and this, the bill has contained provisions which make it a rubber stamp for the old “Patriot Act,” permitting the government to hold non-citizens suspected of terrorism indefinitely without due process.  No lawyer, no court appearance necessary, they can just lock you up in Gitmo or a secret CIA lockup overseas.   During the campaign, Mr. Obama promised to make Gitmo, go away.  Instead, he has authorized it for another year and extended the law to permit the detention of American citizens indefinitely, without due process.  Again, for emphasis, this allows for the INDEFINITE MILITARY DETENTION OF AMERICAN CITIZENS. This is un-American and totally unacceptable.   The nation is losing its soul which is and always has been grounded in law.

Despite his campaign promises to the contrary, Mr. Obama, is allowing some of the worst  travesties of the Bush/Cheney years to continue.

No illegal search and seizure?  No due process?  No privacy for our phone calls or email?  What’s next?  Or perhaps I should say, what’s left?  And the really scary part is that millions are clueless.  Some, probably think this is all just fine.  Orwell, dear friends, is here.  This is the same kind of crap that led to Germany falling to pieces in the 1930’s and 40’s.  Scare the hell out of the populace and they’ll let you do almost anything, even invade a sovereign nation on nothing  more than a thread of speculation that one day they might decide to attack us.

And you thought the fiscal cliff was a problem?  Welcome to the new American police state.   The major media should be all over this.  Instead, their silence is deafening.  Possibly because they’re afraid of being viewed by the military establishment (homeland security?) as giving aid and comfort to a terrorist enemy by reporting the truth – that is to say, taking a position that doesn’t agree with the White House and Pentagon.  They could be snatched off the streets and thrown in some cell overseas, in Turkey maybe, and never heard from again.  While that’s a stretch, it takes no stretching at all to conclude that they’ve simply forgotten what real news is and how it should be covered.  Too many corporate lap dogs and too few real journalists who know how to use the First Amendment to hold our elected leaders feet to the fire.  Which is what they are supposed to do, or at least we thought that was our job, working for our viewers and readers and not the corporate bottom line, back in the day when we were still doing news.

One thought on “Obama Sets Aside Due Process For American Citizens”

  1. “Back in the day when we were still doing news.” You said a mouthful there Ron.

    Fear, lethargy and greed have made covering real “news” obsolete. Authentic broadcast news organizations simply don’t exist today. At least not en mass.

    Chasing the latest scandal involving movie and “reality” “stars” seem to be the mandate from news executives.

    In the warped universe of news execs, enterprising stories affecting our civil liberties, and other relevant data is not “sexy.” The news exec’s corrosive theories reject covering subjects that you’ve cited in your column. Just not sensational enough – ya dig?

    These executives have convinced themselves that stories holding elected officials accountable for sanctioning/advancing their flawed policies won’t hold the attention of American viewers.

    If it’s not a story regarding an emotionally driven wedge between red and blue politicians, they simply won’t cover stories like the “Patriot Act” [of treason].

    All these lazy bastards want to invest in is the quick and easy [pack journalism] crap that doesn’t require cerebral engagement.

    Feeding the masses talking points ordained by “bottom feeders incorporated” rule the day.

    The Fourth Estate was D.O.A. when the fairness doctrine was obliterated, and the FCC gave uncle Ruppert and company the right to buy as many media outlets their greedy corporate hands could cop.

    Which is why your column is so valuable Ron.

    I wonder how much it cost uncle Ruppert and his crew to grease the palms of Bill Clinton and Michael Powell, et al. to relax the rules. The kings of “K” street must have had a ball on that gig.

    The “news” media’s dumbing down of America makes former Eastern block disctators look like Boy Scouts.

    Keep telling it like it is Ron.

    I pray that your column will flourish immensely.

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