Obama Pushes The Panic Button – But Why?

   Attorney General Eric Holder, has announced that the U.S. has uncovered a plot tied to an Iranian special operations unit to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. by bombing a restaurant he frequents.  There is also an allegation of a plot to blow up the Saudi and Israeli Embassies.  All in Washington, D.C.

Based on intelligence from an informant, a 56 year old American with an Iranian passport has been arrested.    The alleged murder for hire plot, had the Iranians trying to contact an operative from a Mexican drug cartel to carry out the bombings.  It has all the twists and turns of a le Carre spy thriller, although the government says no bombs were actually placed anywhere.

U.S. officials are calling the bomb plot “a flagrant violation of U.S. and international law.”  Well gee, you would hope so.  Holder says the U.S. doesn’t know if the plot had been approved by the top echelons of the Iranian government.   A spokesman for the Iranian government, calls the accusation, ‘totally baseless.”

It’s more than that.  It’s nonsensical.  The United States is the biggest and baddest dog on the block.   The U.S. undoubtedly has had plans for the invasion of Iran drawn up for years.   Elements here in the U.S. have been itching to invade.   So far, all they’ve been able to do is levy sanctions.  That’s something, but it’s not all out war.  And none of this is privileged information.

That being the case, why would any Iranian official propose planting bombs in Washington, D.C., to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador?    Why?  Because Iran is eager to be invaded by the U.S.?   Because they want even more sanctions levied against their country?  Because no amount of ill-will is enough?  It makes no sense.  As has been pointed out, there are any number of easier targets overseas.  Beyond that, why did the Obama Administration decide to push the national panic button on this one?  Why get poor Wolf Blitzer all worked up over this one incident when there have been so many to choose from?

According to the Heritage Foundation, At least 41 publicly known, Islamist-inspired terrorist plots have been thwarted against the U.S. since 911.  Of these plots, 29 have involved one or more American citizens.”   And those are just the “publicly known” plots that were “Islamist-inspired.”  Why did the Obama Administration go all code chartreuse on this one? 

The charge has been made that it’s nothing but a ploy by the Administration to draw the American public’s focus away from domestic affairs.  Maybe, or maybe it’s Iran and not the U.S. administration that needs something to hide behind?  Could it be that Iran’s religious leadership is losing its grip on power and needs the cover a major conflict would provide?  Is it part of an internal struggle between Iran’s political and religious leaders and the Republican Guards?  Or could it be we are much closer to being attacked than anyone imagines and the Administration wants to be able to say we were warned?

Does the United States Government have any solid intelligence about what’s happening inside Iran, or are we as in the dark about the Iranians, as we were with Saddam Hussein and his vaunted biological and nuclear “weapons of mass destruction?”  Are our intelligence “pros” as clueless with regard to this situation as they were with their efforts at tracking down Osama bin Laden?  How many years did that take, and where was bin Laden found hiding in plain sight?  He was right there, under the protection of our “good friends” the Pakistanis, wasn’t he?   And we didn’t have a clue?

It’s a terrible thing, having no idea who or what to believe.  It’s our only option really, seeing as how what passes for U.S. intelligence has been sadly lacking while so many of our elected officials have been thoroughly co-opted by millions in campaign donations and (or) promises of lucrative positions in private business once they leave public office.  Two ideas that aren’t necessarily connected, but that’s not to say they never are and never will be.

While pondering these unknowns, it might be more pertinent to determine who the winners and losers will be if the United States invades Iran.   Particularly at a time when public support for our misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, is growing thinner by the minute .

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