Obama Painted Into A Corner By The Bush Doctrine

  The latest from Afghanistan:  A senior “peace envoy” and former Taliban minister, has been murdered.  “Gunned down in Kabul.”   The other bit of news we should pay attention to is that two British soldiers have been shot dead by Afghan police in the south.

Britain couldn’t do it.  Soviet Russia, with all its military might, failed and got out, but we’re going make it work?  Somehow the United States and those allies that are left, will turn Afghanistan into former President Cheney’s vision of a secure western style democracy in the Middle East, even if we have to stay there for how many years?  What’s President Obama’s current estimate?  2024, if necessary?  Is he kidding?  It’s not his problem.  It’s a Republican problem.  A Republican pipe dream the NeoCons came up with after they refused to listen to those who had actually been to war and took us in without an exit plan.  It isn’t working out.  How much more obvious does it have to become?  They blew it.

According to career military officer turned whistle-blower, Lt. Col. Daniel Davis: “Senior ranking US military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the US Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognizable.”

Time for Mr. Obama, to place the blame where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the NeoCons, and get us out of there.

But he can’t, can he?  Not in an election year.

If he did, Republican spin would blame him for what they would surely claim is his failure to secure Afghanistan going forward. They would surely lay the “wasted blood” of our dead and wounded and all the billions spent on arms and private contractors at Mr. Obama’s doorstep, even though their bungling took us in and failed to get us out while their attention was diverted to Iraq, with bogus reports about “weapons of mass destruction.”   Yes, the Democrats in Congress at the time were guilty of having gone along with it all, but with the nation covered by a blanket of fear cleverly spread by the Bush Administration, what choice did they have?  Anyway, none of it happened on Mr. Obama’s watch.  He inherited the ill-conceived Bush Doctrine of preventative war and all the rest, and now he’s stuck with trying to untangle it.  The opposition will lie through their teeth to get out from under the mess they’ve made.  They’ll blame it all on Obama.  And there are those who will believe what they say.  And this is an election year.

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  1. 2024, or thereabouts, now that’s a vision of Obama’s that we can all hang our hats on. A new definition for “kicking the can down the road.” He’s kicking the tin out of town! “A Republican problem”? Obama placing the blame on somebody or something else is getting old. Weak people or early grade school kids are good at that. Obama is in charge, or so we believe. How many “wasted lives’ military and innocent civilian will there be after many more years of marking time? As to Afghanistan, election year or not, it’s time for Obama to do the right thing. It take true guts. Not the kind perceived in his “gutsy” call while hunkered down in a war room. He no more took out Bin Laden than junior Bush took out Saddam Hussein. Jeez!

    Your first two sentences of the second paragraph hit it. It would seem that it the business of the rest of the world community if a butcher/dictator exists or a terrorist organization victimizing portions of the populace exists or a bullying powerful country is salivating as it is about to devour a weaker neighbor. However,the earth consists of diversity. Culture and beliefs are varied and for the most part, meaningful and wondrous, people are extraordinary. World leaders rarely are.

    Our guy needs to create solutions. It his obligation, it his duty.

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