Obama Caves Again

   Am I reading this right?  President Bush…er…sorry, Obama, is now asking the EPA (an agency created by a Republican president) to “back off” on new rules to help eliminate smog?   Isn’t that related to climate change and doesn’t anybody with a working brain now recognize that we’ve got a problem?

He’s talking about cutting the “regulatory burdens” on business.  I’m sorry, but weren’t they all pretty much wiped out during the Bush/Cheney years?   Didn’t GE pay $0 in federal taxes last year?   Hasn’t our communications industry been pretty much monopolized?   Wasn’t the nation blackmailed by banks that are “too big to fail?”  Was he absent for all of that?

Is he so delusional as to believe that this will get him votes from who?  From his increasingly alienated progressive base?  Or maybe he thinks he’ll pick up support from the millions of Americans booted out of their jobs by deregulation and offshore employment?  Surely he’s not so thick as to continue to believe that anything he does will bring about a more reasonable response from the right?

They have a goal and they have stated it publicly.  Their goal,  is to get rid of Barack Obama.

This president just doesn’t seem to get it, as he hands his supporters (and former supporters) one disappointment after another, caving into the right without putting up a fight.  Maybe he isn’t into confrontation?  If so, he’s really, really in the wrong line of work.  Or perhaps he’s just taking orders, like most of the House and Senate.   How sad.   So many Americans had such high hopes for this guy.  I hate to say it, but maybe nobody can turn it around?  Maybe the system is too far gone?  Maybe we’ve peaked?   Maybe, it’s over.

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