Obama Calls Out The Republicans – Finally

   It’s been months in coming as the budget battle drags endlessly on, but Mr. Obama has finally called out the Republicans.  He’s finally gotten to the bottom line.   If you want money, you have to get it from those who have it, not from those who are barely getting by.  The President challenged Republicans to explain to the folks back in their home districts why it’s better to give tax breaks to fat cats with corporate jets than to have paved roads, health care, Social Security for our elderly, public schools and police and fire protection.

His rhetoric could use a little more fire, but at least he’s finally getting down to it.

Everybody should be getting the message by now, except for three or four people stuck in the middle of a swamp somewhere in the deep south who still think George W. was a deep thinker and a mighty statesman, and that “trickle down” economics is a good idea.  Remember his daddy, George H.W. Bush, having no idea what a bar code reader in a supermarket was?  Is it getting through to you yet?

By now, nearly every American should be able to connect the dots leading to the unavoidable conclusion that a relative few at the top are raking it all in, while the vast majority at the bottom, and in the middle and upper-middle continue to carry an uneven burden.

It’s the uneven part the Republicans have to answer for.  And they can’t.  There is no good answer, only double talk and outright lies.   It could very well cost them the House.  One can only hope.

The time for bare-knuckles politics has arrived, unless Mr. Obama and the Democrats prefer turning the nation over to Michele Bachmann and the Koch Brothers.   Today’s press conference was a start.

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