Obama And Iraq – A Matter Of Trust


An old truism comes to mind:   “When digging yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging.”    On the question of Iraq, somebody needs to take away this president’s shovel.

In June,  Mr.  Obama told the nation“We will not be sending troops back into combat in Iraq…….. but I have asked my security advisers  to prepare a range of other options.”  

No new boots on the ground in Iraq.   Obama said it repeatedly as he authorized air operations against ISIS.   Don’t worry he repeatedly said, there will be NO NEW BOOTS ON THE GROUND!

Wonderful.  He said he’d get us out of Iraq, and he did.  Except that now he’s changed his mind.    In addition to the 1,500 U.S.  troops already there, he’s announced that he’s sending in another 1,500.   But it’s okay, because they are going in to serve “in a non-combat role to help battle the growing threat of ISIS.”


Combat troops are being sent into a combat zone but they will not be taking part in combat?    What happens if they come under attack?   Will they be allowed to shoot back?    Will we then need to send in even more troops to assist in the effort to bail out the troops that are already there?   What will John “bomb, bomb,bomb…bomb, bomb Iran” McCain,  and the newly elected Republican Congress have to say about it?  Think there’ll be any pressure from them to ramp up the war?  (again)

Over the past 13 years, the United States has spent some $25 billion to train and equip the Iraqi Army, and they still can’t or won’t defend themselves?   Back here in the States,  22 veterans a day are committing suicide.

We were almost out and now Mr. Obama is sending us back in?    Why are we still there at all?   Haven’t we done enough damage already?

Just as he did the right thing by announcing his support for net neutrality, the President now does an about-face, contradicting his earlier commitment to get us out of Iraq.   Does he think the American people are just plain stupid?   Does trust count for anything?   Who is advising this President?

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