Nothing To See Here…

Following the news conference with the President’s personal physician, I am reminded of a cop standing in front of a really bad traffic accident directing onlookers to “Move along, nothing to see here….”

Two of the President’s doctors refused to say whether Trump had been on oxygen at any time during his treatment.

After the press conference, which smacked more of a public relations event than a professional medical briefing, Dr. Natalie Azar, who contributes to MSNBC, said that because Trump is obese, male and 74, it will be several days before he will be out of danger to the point that he will be able to leave Walter Reed.

Am now waiting for Al Franken to do a guest-spot. Kudos to MSNBC, for bringing Franken back as a guest-commentator. We currently need as much of his intelligent and honest analysis as we can get. The Dems made a huge mistake by overreacting, treating Franken like a felon, and throwing him under their political bus. He was the best spokesperson the party had. Still is.

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