New Mission Impossible An Impossible Bore

   Went to see “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”  What a waste.  It’s a dumbed-down video game movie, made for the video game crowd.  Which is what I suspected.

Any good movie needs elements of believability.  No matter how outrageous the concept, be it drama or science fiction, they need to make us feel like we’re along for the ride.  That it’s actually happening.  Otherwise, you’ve got a documentary, right?  Or a bad movie.  Well, “Mission” loses its believability near the top of the film with a recorded voice giving Cruise and his fellow agents direction from “IMF” headquarters that sounds like a 15 year old boy.  A kid.  With that voice, the movie’s believability evaporates.  Not to mention the non-stop crashing, bashing and burning that would kill any normal human being.  In this movie, of course, Cruise and others take the hits again and again, and keep coming back for more, like……Batman.  Or Superman.  Except this isn’t a Batman or Superman movie based on a comic book.  No, this is Mission Impossible.  The fun here is supposed to come from the magic that happens when real people, IMF agents, overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to achieve the mission.  Get it?   Eliminating the believability by giving them superhero status kills the effect.

I went only because of the ultra-high rating it’s being given by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.  I’m clueless as to why they’re going 93% thumbs up on the film.  They must be brainwashed.  It’s just not that good, even for those who are enamored with Tom Cruise.   The one bright spot in the film is the far too infrequent comedic relief supplied by Simon Pegg in the role of Benji.  The guy is outstanding.  Even in a video game.

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