Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of A Good Arguement

  Watched an interesting if somewhat disturbing interview Wolf Blitzer attempted to do with Donald (Excuse Me!) Trump.  During the exchange, with Blitzer fighting to get in his questions, Mr. Trump complained that Mr. Obama is leaving Iraq without taking the oil.   He repeatedly made reference to Iraq having the world’s second largest oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia.  He’s made this claim before.  Setting aside the fact that doing what he suggests would require a continued military presence in force, thus admitting our only reason for invading Iraq was imperial conquest to take their oil — setting that aside — Mr. Trump is still just plain wrong.  Here, in the interest of getting it right and per the CIA Factbook, is a list of countries with the largest oil reserves.

Russia, number 8 on the list, also deserves attention, as it remains the world’s biggest oil producer.

1 – Saudi Arabia

2 – Venezuela

3 – Canada

4 – Iran

5 – Iraq

One yearns for the GOP of Eisenhower, when the “G” stood for grand, instead of its current meaning of goofy, greedy and gassy.  Sure, we had problems in the 50’s, but at least you could understand the party.  With their current lineup, with Trump threatening to run and the Norquist and Tea Party tails wagging the dog, it almost feels like those on the right want to throw the election to Mr. Obama, who has the luxury of sitting back and watch their unelectable candidates implode, one after another, as the nation’s real problems go unanswered.

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