mysql? Didn’t Even Know I Had One

Following a few days of severe frustration, I am once again able to post on this blog.

My “mysql”  (pardon the redundancy) database was corrupted, you see,  and it needed repairs.   I was afraid of touching the thing as I had no prior experience with “mysql” (or anybody’s sql) and it sounded like some deep blue geek operation that only someone with the proper training and experience should be messing around with.

So I emailed my web hosting people.  The same people that recommended “WordPress” for my blog.  In fact, I installed it directly from their website.  Easy as pie.  Until things went wrong again.   The first time they went wrong, I re-installed WordPress, which caused me to lose everything I had written.  Everything.  Always back up your writing…  And now my “mysql” (whatever the hell that is) was corrupted.

Oh joy.

Fearful of losing the entire blog again, I didn’t touch it for several days,  which is how long it took my web site hosting support people to get back to me with their answer to my request for help.   Their answer, was that they would be happy to help me for a fee.  A fee?  You mean, like an hourly fee?  This didn’t make me real happy.

I emailed them back and told them that since they had recommended “WordPress” which I had in fact, installed directly from their website, and since it was their “mysql” database and not mine that was refusing to cooperate with WordPress, it was only reasonable that they should intercede on my behalf and fix the damn thing at no additional expense to me.   I was already in “blog withdrawal” which was bad enough.  Now they wanted to add a monetary cost to my psychic injury?  Not good, friends.  I let them know about my dissatisfaction with what I saw as their lack of customer support and told them I was considering leaving them and going with someone else, which I am, even though I have my blog up and running again.

The blog is back because I repaired the “mysql” database myself.  Didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but I did.  I installed an application to interface with the database and mostly, I just fooled around with it until I found an option to repair the database.  I clicked on it, and it worked.  I lost only a few posts in the process.

I’m still thinking about parking my website and blog somewhere else.   I figure it’s only a matter of time before the “mysql” database decides to do something strange again.   In the meantime, I’m not sure whether I am expecting too much from my website hosting company.  If so, and paying for tech support is getting to be the norm,  then a guy has to be pretty heavily into computing before he attempts using WordPress, because apparently you will eventually come face to face with the complicated and potentially hazardous world of mysql.   WordPress, is a wonderful blogging application but good luck to you and God bless us everyone if you are forced to become entangled with mysql.

If any of you geeks out there have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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