MSNBC And The Case For Confusion

   Apparently MSNBC is going to start using Herman Cain for political commentary.  Or perhaps I should say, be used by Herman Cain.  Why not just give Sarah Palin her own half hour?  Or, the programming geniuses at the network could put Palin together with Cain and Gingrich for a weekly roundtable, with a special commentary from Larry the Cable Guy.  Newt’s campaign won’t last much longer and he’ll be looking for a new income source to prop up his account at Tiffany & Co, and Larry would be a reminder of the rapidly rising intellectual power of the American electorate.

Being balanced, doesn’t mean you have to bring in people who offer no balance at all or the children of famous parents who haven’t had time to gain the experience necessary to provide an acceptable perspective.

This, of course, is what we get when ratings trump all else (pun intended).   Unfettered Capitalism, doesn’t work well with everything out there, like broadcast news, healthcare and the running of a truly representative government — which should be an issue in the campaign, but won’t be.  It’s too close to home.  These guys can’t afford to lose their unlimited corporate funding by talking about the shortcomings of political and social extremism and the need to work on developing a middle-of-the-road hybrid that avoids the pitfalls of unregulated neo-feudalistic Capitalism at one end of the spectrum and extreme Socialism at the other.

It is all a bit much.  Should you feel you’re about to hit the wall, remember the words of that late, great, political sage from Texas, Molly Ivins, who told us, “The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion.”

MSNBC, it appears, is doing all it can to contribute.

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