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   Attempted to go to the movies today.  First, I laid down my money to see “J. Edgar.”  Plenty of great historical material, I thought.  This was a man who was feared by politicians all the way up to the White House because he had files on everybody.  He knew who was sleeping with whom. A guy who claimed America had no organized crime problem at a time when the Mafia was running New York, Chicago and Las Vegas.  A guy rumored to have worn a ballet tutu when no one was watching.  Must be an interesting film.  With so much to work with, there was no way they could screw this up.  Wrong.  As a former colleague used to say, it was “as dull as dishwater.”   Leo DiCaprio, was totally miscast as Hoover.  Didn’t work at all.  Just did not work.

I then tried visiting the horror that is “The Immortals.”  Nothing but a near non-stop special effects bloodbath, apparently targeting teenage boys, who are hopefully too bright to buy into this nonsensical bit of historical revisionism of Greek mythology.  The only character development, the only real acting of note, came from Mickey Rourke as the film’s antagonist.   But even Rourke’s outstanding job as a super-villain couldn’t pull this mess out of the trash-heap of American films that should never have been made in the first place.   I can only handle so many hi-tech decapitations, with the disembodied heads pausing in mid-air for effect, in any sixty-second period.

Save your money.  Stay home and watch a Republican debate.  Far more entertaining and less expensive.

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  1. DeCaprio will get nominated. So will the guy who played Tolsen. Agree it wasn’t that great a picture, but thought the acting was top notch. I saw “Tower Heist” today. It proved the old adage. Get the script right and the rest will follow. Entertaining, but I literally had to look away from the screen for about 20 minutes or get vertigo. And really, what did you expect with “The Immortals”?

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