Modern Problems


My phone line with DSL goes out on a regular basis when it rains. AT&T has been out repeatedly to fix the problem, which apparently has no solution because, as has been explained to me by people in a position to know,  their equipment is old and antiquated.   It gets wet, and it goes out. God forbid, with all their profits, that they might install fiber-optic cable here in the San Fernando Valley.    With 1.8 million people, it’s not like we’re a major population center or anything.

This is another striking example of why the country must reinstate adequate government regulation of utility companies.  Following dozens upon dozens of competition-killing mergers, big business is taking us down.   In so many ways, “free trade” has been all but eliminated.

The big companies have the local, state and federal governments on their side.  Who is on ours?


Follow up – It is now Tuesday, Dec. 2nd.   It has rained and predictably, our AT&T landline is down.   If past is prologue, our DSL will be the next to go.    I called AT&T and was told they will try and get somebody out here by Friday, that’s three days away.   I fired off a complaint to the CA Public Utilities Commission.  It may not make any difference, but at least it feels better than doing nothing at all.   The PUC complaint form is available online at:


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