Military Will Use Los Angeles For Assault Training?

The United States military is coming to downtown Los Angeles and “other portions of the greater Los Angeles area,” where they’ll be backed up by the LAPD for “joint military training exercises.”    That’s what they’re calling it.  The Daily Breeze reports sections of downtown will be closed to the public in the evenings through Thursday for the training.  Huh?   Sounds like L.A. is being invaded by our own military with “support” from the LAPD?

When did our police department become an arm of the military?

I can’t remember anything quite like this happening in a major U.S. city.   At least, not here in L.A.  Not since the riots.  But that wasn’t training, that was for real.  I know the military trains for urban warfare, but don’t they have urban warfare training facilities for just that purpose?   I have to wonder if this is about general military training, or is it more about using the military in conjunction with the police for tactical assault purposes in our own cities?   This is a little too close to home.  Literally.   Is this for general urban warfare training, or is the U.S. Government anticipating widespread trouble in America’s urban centers?  Trouble so bad that it demands military intervention?

Meantime, while the LAPD is backing up the military downtown (and in other undisclosed sections of L.A.), Porter Ranch has been hit by a spate of home-invasion robberies, cops are all but nonexistent in the San Fernando Valley and city officials are acting like the cost of cleaning up the City Hall lawn following the Occupy movement is going to bankrupt the treasury.  And our cops are being paid to back up the military in joint exercises?  Maybe they could move the training to a city that isn’t as economically strapped as Los Angeles currently is?  Someplace that has a bigger per-capita police department?  With one of the smallest police departments of any big city in the U.S., we kinda need every cop we’ve got to take care of…you know…police work, as opposed to closing streets so the military can attack sections of our city.

According to KCBS-TV, “The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements, police said.” 

Right….   Obviously, they couldn’t accomplish any of that at their existing urban warfare training centers?

Why does this feels like a bad novel about our democracy being supplanted by some other form of government followed by an uprising in the cities requiring military intervention?  I’m sure I’m wrong.  At least, I hope I am.

If you thought the news helicopters were noisy, wait until the military moves in.

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