Merry Christmas, Suckers

Nasser Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah / Prime Minister of Kuwait

I know it’s Christmas and all, but the following headline really grabbed me:

 ” World economy can withstand $100 oil price: Kuwait”

It’s the cheery oil minister of Kuwait, being quoted as saying the global economy can handle oil prices of $100 a barrel.

Ah yes,  our good friends in Kuwait.  Remember them?  They’re the guys we had to rescue after Saddam captured their oil fields, not to mention their entire damn country.  So we sent in our troops at a cost of God knows what, starting a multi-national conflict that continues to this day and what’s our payback?   Gas at the pump is over $3 a gallon here in Los Angeles and our economy is in the toilet.  And Kuwait’s oil minister says don’t worry about it.  The global economy can handle higher prices.  Or so he says as the petro-dollars roll on in.

All the while OPEC blames the oil companies and the oil companies blame OPEC.  Six of the ten largest corporations in the world are oil companies.   Think they’ve got any juice?  Both, count on your continued confusion to hide their cartel which continues to bleed the world economy.

And panelists on “Meet the Press” are talking about the terrible underlying mood in the country.  The feeling our best days may be behind us.  And a new poll that shows that 54% of us think the past ten years were the country’s worst decade in history.  And Peggy Noonan, talks about “40 million Americans on food stamps.”  And after all the debate and the eventual passage of healthcare reform, there are still more than 40 million Americans with  no health insurance.

And Kuwait thinks it’s okay to let oil prices rise.  That the world’s economy can handle it.

The Arabs can handle it.  They’re swimming in petro-dollars, thanks to our military, which continues to be paid for by the people of the United States.

Thank’s for nothing, Kuwait.   Thanks also to our very good friends the Saudis.  Another country that requested our troops to defend against a possible incursion by Saddam Hussein.  So we put our troops on Saudi soil in Operation Desert Shield, which raised the ire of Osama bin Laden and led to the attacks of 9-11.  And the American people keep paying and paying and paying……..

And now you’re raising oil prices because the global market can handle it?  Thanks for nothing fellas.  And merry Christmas, suckers.

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