Maybe The Conspiracy Theorist Nutjobs Are Right?

   It struck me this morning that the Republican Party’s inability to come up with just one nationally viable candidate for the presidency smacks of fraud.  Surely, the party (or what’s left of it) can’t be serious.   If this is the best they can do, then any number of conspiracy theories could come into play.   Surely they must be throwing the race to the Democrats, knowing the next four years will be damning to whichever party captures the White House.  They’re far better off sitting in the House and throwing stones at the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But if that’s the case, then why would they be trying so hard to destroy Barack Obama, to the point of creating a legislative logjam that threatens to wreck the world’s economy?  Are they erecting a wall of plausible deniability for cover?  Something to hide behind when it all comes crashing down?  None of it makes much sense, until you remember that this is the same party that gave us eight years of George W. Bush.   A man who couldn’t put a simple declarative sentence together.   But he started each day with a prayer and is the kind of likable guy most Americans would invite over for a barbecue.  And so, he was twice voted into office.  Sort of.  With a little help from his brother’s Republican administration in Florida and any number of electronic voting issues in Ohio…

It gets a little scary at this point.  A conspiracy theorist nutjob might speculate that the nation’s wealthy elite stole two elections to drive up the deficit and make tons of money, only to do an about-face, intentionally throwing the next two as the nation sinks into economic oblivion.  None of that will matter for the uber-rich as they’ll have made their money and will be able to hide behind that big wall of plausible deniability.  As the economy crashes, they and their heirs will be able to swoop down on the country like vultures as America is turned into one big post apocalyptic fire sale.   No unions, no middle class, just the rich and the poor.  The Lords and Ladies above and the peasants below.

Naw….couldn’t be.  Absolutely ridiculous.  And yet, this current batch of Republican candidates?  Really?  Are they serious?  Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich and Bachmann?  And that great man of God from Texas, Rick Perry?  Are you kidding?  It’s enough to turn you into a conspiracy theorist nutjob.

One thought on “Maybe The Conspiracy Theorist Nutjobs Are Right?”

  1. Ya know, Ron, I hadn’t really thought about it that way. I just thought the Republicans, the Tea Baggers and the rest of the GAWD fearin’ had just over indulged in flouridated water. Or, Global Warming had fried too many brains (christian and muslim) and we were just going through a global transition period fueled by DDT and PCB residue. But, I’ve been watching a lot of CNN lately and paying close attention to its anchor ladies in their low necklined cocktail dresses and have also begun to think, that maybe some “higher power” is behind all of this.
    A super consnpiracy where the “new illuminati” is pulling the puppet strings is beginning to make sense to me as well. Just think, Mel Gibson’s cab driver was way ahead of his time.

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