Marines To Take On China, NYPD Arrests City Councilman – What Fresh Madness Is This?

   Not sure which I find more deplorable.  The President sending 2,500 Marines to Australia, to defend the poor defenseless Aussies (aren’t we already carrying Canada on our back?) against the Red Chinese, or the thoroughly out of control NYPD, for arresting a New York City Councilman and around a dozen City of New York credentialed reporters, when the cops went in with their pepper spray and batons to “clean out” Zuccotti Park.

My initial reaction is that Mr. Obama is caving in to the military industrial complex, which needs a new buildup somewhere to support their profits as we pull out of Iraq and scale back in Afghanistan (like we’ll ever really leave), and that the motivation of the “Honorable” Mayor Bloomberg should come under careful examination for siding with wealth against a beleaguered and battered American middle class.  This sad and silly procedure of sending in the cops dressed in riot gear to kick ass, is making the Mayor look like a boob and the NYPD, like a gang of thugs.  Kudos to the LAPD and Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa, for a more intelligent approach here in Los Angeles.

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