Man Nailed With Assault In Murdoch Pie Throwing Case

Jonathan May-Bowels, the 26 year old Brit who tried hitting Rupert Murdoch in the face with a shaving cream pie has been found guilty of assault and causing harassment.   I dunno, maybe it’s the difference between British and American law, but “assault” seems pretty stiff, doesn’t it?

May-Bowels is scheduled to be sentenced on August 2nd.  I hope the judge presiding over his case appreciates the damage Murdoch’s papers have done compared to the potential damage that might have been done by a shaving cream pie, and issues a ruling based upon the spirit, rather than the letter of the law.


Update:  May-Bowles has been sentenced to 6 weeks in jail.  The judge undoubtedly felt compelled to nail him with something more than just a slap on the hand, as  the infractions he was charged with took place in the House of Commons.

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