Love The World Cup But Not The “Flopping”

Really getting hooked on the World Cup, but I can’t understand the “flopping,” or feigning of injuries.

When these guys are actually injured, with a broken nose or a concussion, they ignore it. When they aren’t hurt at all, they dive to the ground, grimacing as though they are about to die and grabbing their shins – when they obviously have no injury at all.  A few seconds later, they’re just fine.

I know it’s part of the game, but I wish it wasn’t. Perhaps with time I’ll learn to appreciate the value of a bogus injury, but I doubt it. Too much like professional wrestling.   The rest of it is great.

A little less “flopping” would be nice, but perhaps that’s just my American perspective.   That’s not to say that I might not be right.

Hang on.  Now an Italian player is saying he was bitten by a player from Uruguay, who, the announcers say, has a history of biting opposing players.  Aw, come on.  Not biting.

I can maybe get used to “flopping,” but not biting.  Really?  Biting? Now they are  showing clips of past biting incidents by Luis Suarez.  Aw jeez.  One hopes this is an aberration.  

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