Living In Glass Houses

 Hillary Clinton  So Hillary Clinton, is at the OSCE Summit in Lithuania, criticizing the recent Russian election, suggesting it might have been less than fair?  “We have serious concerns about the conduct of the elections” she said.   Oh really?  Does she mean concerns  similar to concerns that were raised regarding the presidential elections here in the U.S. in 2000 and 2004?   Remember that little item about the Supreme Court shutting down the voting in Florida, throwing the election to George W. Bush?  Remember African-Americans being blocked from the polls?  Remember the voting machine irregularities in Ohio, not to mention any number of ongoing security issues with electronic voting machines in any number of states?  Do you remember any of that?

The Russians are also being criticized for arrests made in Moscow, to quell anti-government protests, not unlike the arrests recently made at Occupy protests in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere here in the U.S.

Also of interest is a threat by Standard and Poors to downgrade several European countries from their current triple-A status.  No kidding?  Is this the same S&P that gave high marks to worthless packages of sub-prime mortgages that undermined our economy and started the world economy on it’s downhill slide in 08?

Shouldn’t we clean up our own electoral mess before presuming to criticize others?   And why are we still in a position where one company on Wall Street can issue an edict with the potential for sending the world’s economy into a tailspin?  Weren’t they supposed to fix all that following the crash of 08?

In fairness, Sen. Al Franken, of Minnesota, is trying, but he’s only one voice in the Senate.   One Senator, who refuses to be bought off.

Could any of this have anything at all to do with the reason for Congress being held in such low regard by the American people?  Republican or Democrat, does it matter who is elected President of the United States, since the system has obviously been co-opted by an uber-wealthy minority?

And overseas, Hillary Clinton is telling the Russians to clean up their act?

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