Legally Blind Golfer Scores Third Hole In One

 photo: Paynesville Press  It’s something you’d expect to see on the cover of a tabloid at the supermarket checkout counter.   But this is for real.  Torn from the pages of my hometown newspaper, the Paynesville Press in Paynesville, Minnesota.  77 year old Chuck Chesness, just scored his third ace at Koronis Hills Golf Course.   He’s the third club member to hit three holes in one at the course and it wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Chesness, is legally blind.

The paper reports that Chuck nailed his third ace with a driver on hole #7 (152 yards).

“Now legally blind, Chuck relies on his playing partners to watch his ball and help him see the course. “Point me in the right direction,” he said.  To help him see where the pin is, someone tends the flag on all his putts. At Koronis Hills, it helps him that he knows the course so well. “I know where I’m going out here,” he said.” –Paynesville Press

I’m not all that schooled on the statistics of golf, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of anyone overcoming this kind of a handicap to hit three aces.   At the very least, it’s a jaw-dropper and an excellent lesson for those of us without any visual impairment — quit your complaining and hit the ball.

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