Kudos For Senator Feinstein


Good for Senator Feinstein.   She listened to what Israeli PM Netanyahu said, and then reached the intelligent conclusion that neither he nor any of the rest of us know what the final deal on nuclear development with Iran will look like, so we should wait and see that final deal before making up our minds.

That, is what used to be called “common sense,” before the Neocon movement came along condemning the act and art of compromise  through diplomacy, while at the same time, presenting no reasonable alternative.   Which is what Netanyahu did in his speech before the Congress.

He condemned the United States and President Obama for being naive in the deal they and the European powers are trying to reach with Iran, even before he knows what that deal will ultimately contain.   At the same time, he presented no workable alternative, complaining only that the deal is unacceptable.  Feinstein,  called him out for that, as well.

Good for Senator Feinstein.

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