Japanese Meltdown Still Out Of Control?

   Not that it matters, what with missing children and drive-by shootings and all, but Reuters is reporting that Japan’s nuclear meltdown is still largely out of control.   It’s severity has been raised to “level 7.”  That’s the same level as Chernobyl.  They are now worried about the possibility of having to dump large quantities of radioactive water into the ocean and have concerns that the radiation “leaks” from Fukushima might eventually exceed those of Chernobyl.  The Japanese, who seem to have soft-peddled their nuclear crisis from the start, say they hope to have the situation contained by January.  That would be seven months from now.   Based upon Japan’s inability to cope with the disaster, Germany, has decided to shut down its nuclear plants, and eventually  be nuclear-free.  A move the German power companies are expected to fight.  I haven’t heard of any plans from anybody in the U.S. to do anything at all.  Even with regard to our reactors with oceanfront views.  Have you?  Not that it matters, what with all that action on the daily police blotter demanding our attention.

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