It’s Nice Being Mayor

 Antonio Villaraigosa  My old friend and former colleague at KTLA-TV, Eric Spillman,  reports that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spent something over $120,000 on a nine-day trip to London, Berlin and Copenhagen.  The interesting part in this of course is that Los Angeles has a huge homeless population, unemployment is running around 12.4%, and as Eric points out in his piece, the City is running a serious deficit.  Oh well, I’m sure the mayor’s presence was key to the non-agreement agreement that was reached in Copenhagen?  I’m sure he wouldn’t go there with an entourage in tow, you know…just for kicks?  Good job Mr. Mayor, we’ll expect to see investment money start pouring in from the three countries you and your half-dozen staffers visited at the the taxpayer’s expense.   Anyway, you’re in good company.  Tom Bradley was famous for his junkets around the Pacific Rim.  Junkets that built the downtown skyline.   Your trip or trips (you just getting started?) will undoubtedly have a similar impact on the City.   I think I’ll run for office.

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