The Unnecessary Nature Of War

  A couple of headlines from the A-section of the International Edition of the New York Times today struck me as being somewhat counterintuitive.

The first, is in the middle of the page and at the top.  It reads, “Iraq’s Ills Lead Former Exiles to Flee Again.”

The story begins with-

BAGHDAD — “The second exodus, fueled by unemployment and violence, shows how far the nation remains from being secure. Above, the mother and daughters of Abu Maream in a cramped Baghdad apartment.”

Down the page just a bit, is another piece with the headline:  “Architects Discuss Their Projects. – I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster and Jean Nouvel discuss their work in the Persian Gulf.”

It begins coming into focus when you put it side-by-side with the counterintuitive nature of the U.S. economy as highlighted by that oft-quoted phrase, “The richest one percent of Americans possess more wealth than the combined wealth of the bottom ninety percent.” –“Feudalism…Alias American Capitalism”

Perhaps some of the world’s greatest architects working just a relative stone’s throw from people being forced to live in squalor isn’t so difficult to understand after all?

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