Iran Kills Communications


Monday is “National Student Day” in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  A day commemorating the deaths of 3 students during an anti-American protest in 1953.  It’s a day that would normally pass without anyone, other than the Iranians, paying much attention.   This year that isn’t the case.   The county’s leadership, such as it is, is obviously worried it won’t be able to maintain power if exposed to the truth of an honest intellectual exchange.  Consequently, they are doing what they can to kill the truth.

The people running the Iranian Theocracy, headed by their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamanei (duly elected by the “Assembly of Experts”), are anticipating this day of celebration could turn into another day of protest against the recent and highly disputed election of  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.   Consequently,  these fearful clerics and their puppet political leaders are cutting off communications with the outside world and harassing the press.   The BBC reports “Tehran residents said that they had been unable to use e-mail and that opposition websites were being more tightly restricted than before.”

According to “Reporters Without Borders” – “Journalists who have chosen not to the leave the country are being constantly threatened or summoned by the intelligence services, including the intelligence service of the Revolutionary Guards…Some have been given long prison sentences at the end of completely illegal judicial proceedings.”

Another report indicates that internet and mobile phone service could be disabled on Monday.   As before, you can be sure government sanctioned goon squads on motorcycles will be in the streets attacking people at will with their batons.

And so, in what is surely one of the greatest exhibitions of oxymoronic thinking of all time, the government of Iran is turning its “National Student Day” into a nationwide commemoration of ignorance and fear.   The Supreme Leader and his “Assembly of Experts’ should be very proud.

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