ILWU Appears To Favor Corporate Interests Over Unions

   It’s being reported that the Longshoreman’s union is complaining about the move by “Occupy” demonstrators to close roads leading to ports in Los Angeles, Oakland and Portland.  The International Longshore Workers Union, (ILWU), is apparently complaining that its members could lose a day’s pay because of the demonstration.  They had better not complain too loudly.  Truth is, the Occupy people are out there attempting to preserve the union members right to join a union and bargain collectively.  If the Occupy demonstrators, and others who believe as they do are defeated, it won’t be long before there are no unions for the Longshoremen, the Police, or anybody else to join in an effort to get a fair wage and benefits.

The bosses at the ILWU had better put on their thinking caps and reexamine their priorities.  The battle over losing one day’s pay is nothing compared to losing the war.  Whose side are these guys on?

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