I Wish That Just Once Mr. Obama Would Show Some Passion

Presdent Obama - photo:  White House

Interesting speech by President Obama.  Heard most of it before.  I wish that just once he’d show some genuine passion.   I don’t mean completely losing it like Howard Dean did with his “I have a scream” speech, or that he should start sending out pics demonstrating an Anthony Weiner-like lack of erectile dysfunctionalism.   Nothing like that.  I wish that just once he’d get really angry.

We are, after all, at a point at which the nation’s future will be largely dictated by whether the Republicans can hold onto their majority in the House in 2014, thereby continuing to prevent any progress on behalf of the many, as opposed to cuts designed to benefit the wealthy few.  There is also the question of whether the Dems can hang onto the Senate.  They should be able to, but you have to remember that we live in a country that elected and then reelected George W. Bush.    Well, he wasn’t really elected, so much as appointed by a right-leaning Supreme Court the first time around and then given a highly questionable electoral boost by some ballot box shenanigans in Ohio, and a few other places, which sent him back to the White House for another four years of sad national regression.   Even if the Supremes had passed on hearing Bush v. Gore and Bush had won a Florida recount fair and square, it still feels like the fix was in.  And I don’t like that feeling, having to wonder whether the Supreme Court of the United States, the mightiest seat of justice in the nation, is fixing elections.

A little real anger on the President’s part might help convince some of those middle class folks he says he wants to help, to cast their ballots for Democrats in the upcoming election.  He is starting to sound more like FDR philosophically, and that’s good.  The delivery still needs some work, and that’s a problem, as is his recent decision to send arms to the various rebel forces in Syria, including, presumably, Al Qaeda factions believed to have joined the rebel’s ranks.  Bad move, Mr. President.  Remember Al Qaeda?  The guys who flew passenger jets into the twin towers, the Pentagon and that field just outside of Pittsburgh?   We’re going to supply those guys with weapons and ammo?  Are you serious?  Why can’t we stay out of other people’s civil wars?   To the best of my knowledge the Syrians weren’t supplying small arms to the Confederate States of America.  If they did, they kept it real quiet.

Is it even possible to put the concept of promoting peace before this incessant need our government seems to have to continue funding wars, both ours, and now failing that, the wars of others?

Once again we are behaving like the cop who shows up during a domestic dispute between a husband and wife, only to have both the husband and wife turn on him before they go back to attacking each other.  In the end, everybody usually loses, which is why cops hate being called out on domestic disputes.  The difference, of course, is that the poor cop has no choice in the matter, while the United States can most definitely choose not to stick its nose into yet another dispute in North Africa or the Middle East, at the expense of American taxpayers and no formal declaration of war from a Congress which continues to exhibit a nearly unbelievable degree of negligence.

One thought on “I Wish That Just Once Mr. Obama Would Show Some Passion”

  1. He can’t help it Ron. He doesn’t want to appear to be impotent before people like “Johnny Mac” and other hawks that cater to the military industrial complex.

    Lets face it, Obama is completely stupid when it comes to standing up to bullies.

    Why in the world would he even think about providing weapons to the rebels when he knows Al Qaeda is intermingled with the revolutionaries? It makes no sense.

    The money this nation spends on wars, and supporting the wars of others is mind boggling.

    No one can ever convince me that our nation would not be thriving if not for our obsession with guns, and wars.

    Paranoia is running rampant throughout America, and I’m convinced its crippling effects will be our downfall.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower’s prophecy has come to fruition, the military industrial complex has a warped strangle-hold on America.

    This nation’s idolatrous love affair with weapons and world domination is totally obscene.

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