Hurricane Who?

After several days of stumbling over the name of this new hurricane (Isaias) without a clue as to how it is pronounced, most broadcasters seem to have settled on “ee-say-ee-iss.” It’s origin appears to be ancient Hebrew or Spanish, depending upon which source you believe.

In the future the National Hurricane Center might do well to pick a name everyone is a little more familiar with, like Esai or Isaiah. Unless their goal is less to communicate and more to promote multiculturalism or something else we are unaware of. These days it’s difficult to be sure, when they hit you with something that’s totally unfamiliar but act like you should know all about it and there is certainly something wrong with you if you don’t.

If the goal is teaching multiculturalism, then eventually they should get around to Norse and Hindu gods. And hopefully, characters from The Simpsons. That would at least make the storms a bit more palatable in addition to being names broadcasters could pronounce without looking like they’re gagging. Better yet, how about naming the storms after famous movie characters? That way, we could have Dumbledore coming ashore in the Carolinas while Spartacus forms up out in the Atlantic, making natural disasters both educational and fun.

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