How Not To Run A Campaign

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According to NBC News,  democrat Marcy Winograd, (who wants to replace Jane Harmon as Congresswoman from the 36th District in CA), has sent letters to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Spielberg, Julia Roberts, John Travolta and other celebs, asking them to sign pledges to stop flying their private jets out of the Santa Monica Airport.   The idea, apparently, is to cut air pollution in West Los Angeles.

She suggests the celebs use a different airport, such as Van Nuys.  Now there’s a good idea!  Transfer flights (and the noise and air pollution)  from Santa Monica to Van Nuys, which already happens to be the busiest general aviation airport in the country.

The Santa Monica Daily Press reports,  “Since sending the pledges out on Monday, Winograd is yet to receive a response. She said if none of the celebrities signs the pledge within a week she’ll follow up with phone calls and may pass out fliers publicizing her request at events the celebrities attend. As she learns of more celebrities who regularly use the airport she said she’ll send out more requests for pledges not to use SMO.” 

You can be sure that with limited hanger space and the importance of airport location, all the celebs she’s sending letters to will appreciate her suggestion.   I’m sure they’re writing out fat checks in support of her campaign right now.  Not that any of these high-roller celebs are traditionally big contributors to democratic campaigns.

Those of us who live in the San Fernando Valley are sure to appreciate her “thinking” too.   In fact, maybe we can get a real air war going.  You send your celebrity jets over here and we’ll send our big business jets and the more than half-dozen tv news choppers that fly out of Van Nuys over to Santa Monica.  Your high end hangers will be busting with even bigger jets than the ones you sent over the hill while the tv news choppers fly non-stop from early morning to late at night.   Not that you should care about us inferior folk here in the Valley.  All 1.76 million of us.  How about sending us some of your homeless and robbery suspects as well?  Just clean out everything you don’t want on the west side and dump it on the Valley.  Great cooperation and outstanding civic-minded thinking.  Thank you very much.

One thought on “How Not To Run A Campaign”

  1. Hi Ron,

    I imagine we both could agree that private jets are not usually necessary,
    regardless of which local airport houses them. Not only do they pollute the nearby
    neighborhood, particularly if there is no buffer zone, but they also leave a serious
    carbon footprint. Should celebrities, governors, etc., need to travel, the best bet
    would be to use an airport with a buffer zone — LAX.

    Thank you,

    Marcy Winograd

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