Homo Sapiens – A Lost Cause?


There are days when it’s difficult to have even a scintilla of optimism for our species.

With Israel bombing Palestine (again), the United States bombing Pakistan via drone attacks (again), someone shooting down a civilian airliner over the Ukraine where victims bodies apparently lie rotting in a field, warfare continuing in Syria with more than 50-million refugees worldwide including thousands of children showing up at our southern border seeking shelter from the storm in Central America, ongoing problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, massive demonstrations in Paris and London and so forth and so on, this is one of those days.

Drone strikes in our undeclared war against suspected terrorists in Pakistan and ongoing carnage from the Syrian conflict have become such regular occurrences of  the news cycle as to be of little interest.  Most people don’t even bat an  eye.  It’s somebody else’s  problem.  It’s happening somewhere else.  So long as we’re safe, why worry?  The ballgame’s on and there’s plenty of beer in the refrigerator.

I am reminded of the old theory that we may never have been contacted by space aliens, because they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with us.  Who could blame them?  Slightly closer to home, who can blame American kids for being less than happy as they leave college saddled with huge debts for the privilege of working their backsides off to get degrees to better contribute to our culture (such as it is) while others don’t bother enrolling at all.  Who can afford it?

One wonders what the world would be if we took half the money and effort we now expend on killing one another, just half, and instead devoted it to peace through education?

Don’t hold your breath on being contacted by the little green guys from Vega any time soon.

One thought on “Homo Sapiens – A Lost Cause?”

  1. And, it was just yesterday that the President’s phoney spokesperson commented on the improved tranquility in the world. And much of the country is still eating it up.

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