Hillary’s Going To Announce? Wow! Zowie!


Apparent president-to-be Hillary Clinton will be announcing she’s in the race on Sunday. Could anything be more anti-climactic? Oh ya…there’s the whole gang of Republican contenders feeling the need to be as far to the right wacky as possible without appearing completely nuts (Rand Paul just walked out on an interview with the Guardian), to satisfy their fractionated base in the primary.   Once that’s over, the schizophrenic winner will do a one-eighty, becoming incredibly centrist in an attempt to actually win the race from a much broader base of constituents, a la Mitt Romney.

Again, totally anti-climactic.

How boring  and sad this process has become even with Jeb Bush thrown into the mix, with two royal families dominating for so many years and the procedure locked down by Wall Street and other heavily monied interests as we the sheeple, follow en masse, mostly underinformed, misinformed and disinformed by a media that’s many faceted and in some cases, beyond belief.

Then there’s that study out of Princeton, claiming America is no longer a Democracy.   Of course we’re not.    With a few exceptions, most government officials are for sale in our former democratic republic, throwing their allegiance to the highest bidders as they try and raise sufficient millions to stay in the race and get reelected.

Perhaps saddest of all, are the Hillary supporters who support blindly, simply because she’s a woman.   As if that’s a valid reason to elect a person to the highest office in the land.   As Robert Reich so wisely points out,  being a woman is not a platform.

Americans should be outraged.   But they’re not.  They’re more like sheeple, following along en masse, too exhausted from working two or three jobs (or doing the work of four people while holding down one job) to catch their breath and complain.   It’s now necessary to go $60,000 or more in debt earning a bachelor’s degree just to nail down a job as a barista.  A couple of generations ago, these same people would have been earning minimum wage as soda jerks, with the jobs filled mostly by kids still in high school.

One wonders how much more of this nonsense the American people will take?   Until “Citizens United” is overturned and the amount of money going to politicians is contained, nothing will change.   And nothing short of a political uprising, threatening to throw all the bums out unless they change it, will get us there.

Well, there is Elizabeth Warren, but she can’t run.   Neoliberal Hillary, the Clinton’s Wall Street backers and the Democratic machine are all standing in her way.   They have to.   With Warren or Bernie Sanders in the White House, there might be a chance, a slim chance but a chance nonetheless, of taking the country back from the bankers, the board rooms and the billionaires.   God knows, we can’t have that.

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