Happy Holidays From The U.S. Senate

Our wonderful U.S. Senate has gone the extra mile (poor guys are working so hard on our behalf) and hopes to have a health care reform bill hammered out before Christmas.  God bless those wonderful public servants. And God bless our wonderful insurance industry.  And God bless smilin’ Joe Lieberman and his blue dog crew.  It’s the Senate’s job to look out for them too and it appears that’s just what our fine senators are doing.  Tucked away in their shiny new bill under a clause captioned “No lifetime or annual limits” the literary laureates of the Senate have included words that would give insurance companies the right to place annual limits on benefits for serious illnesses, like cancer and, well, who knows what else?  Anything the insurance companies want to place limits on?

Your United States Senate.  They’re always on the job.  Looks like another big win for the insurance industry could be just days away, but hey, they need to make a living too.  Consider it a holiday greeting from those wonderful folks on Capitol Hill.

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