Hang On Los Angeles, Here Comes The “Obamajam” – Again


Mr. Obama is coming to town, and they’ll be shutting down much of the west side and two major freeways just to prove how important he is and how badly he needs to raise money for the Dems.   Oh wait, did I say two major freeways?   Scratch that, because here in Los Angeles, they are all major.    You shut down even one freeway and tens of thousands of Angelinos are impacted for miles around as the traffic flows off the freeways and onto surface streets, causing backups reaching into the next county.

Don’t think so?  By one count, the 405 freeway carries 374,000 vehicles per day.  They’ll be closing it not  once but twice for the Obama visit.    If you live here you will understand and probably start weeping.  If not, use your imagination.

The Los Angeles Times lists no fewer than 32 road and freeway closures over the next two days to accommodate the Obama fundraising tour.   You have to wonder if his “people” understand the nature of Los Angeles?  You have to wonder if at some point this won’t begin to have a negative  return at the polls? Oh wait,  LA is so blue, that he doesn’t really need to care about that, does he?

Shut it down.   Shut it all down.  Let the “Obamajam” begin.  And while you’re sitting out there stuck in traffic for hours with your air conditioner blasting to counteract the heat and humidity while your car sucks up $4 a gallon gas, pretend that it doesn’t matter.   Pretend there isn’t a better way.   I’m sure there is, but I have no hope that people living inside the DC bubble will ever figure it out.

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