Financial Pressure Killing European Democracies

   The biggest story too few in the U.S. are reporting, is a trend that may portend nothing less than at least the partial death of Democracy in Europe.   In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi has been replaced by a non-elected prime minister who has served as an international adviser to Goldman Sachs.  “Technocrat” Mario Monte, has brought in a team of non-elected advisers (including the boss of a major bank) to assist him with running the Italian government. These people are not politicians and they were not elected.

So much for Democracy in Italy.

The same is true in Greece, where the democratically elected George Papandreou, has been replaced by “technocrat” and banker, Loukas Papademos.

James Chapmen, in the Daily Mail, calls the situation in Greece, “…a Brussels-led* coup d’etat.  Appalled at the prospect of the Greek people giving the wrong answer in the referendum he proposed, Germany and France first threatened Greece with ejection from the single currency, then enforced bankruptcy and finally expulsion from the EU itself for at least a decade. The result is that country that gave us democracy is to be forced to change its leader and install an unelected coalition government that meets with the approval of the unelected Brussels machine.” –dailymail

It would appear the bankers and other high-finance “technocrats” that brought our economic systems down are now replacing democratically elected leaders.  In other words, those that created the worldwide financial mess are being handed the reigns of power in a move to replace Democracy with a fascist system led by the banks and other financial institutions.  It’s being called a short-term solution.  They’re saying elections will eventually be held.  Does that mean it’s okay to set aside self-determination?  For how long and who makes the call when and if it should be reinstated?  Without it, freedom ceases to exist.

As of now, Greece and Italy have “technocratic” governments.  Whatever the hell that means.  It took me quite some time just to get my head around the fact that elected governments were being overthrown and replaced without elections being held.  For an American, it’s inconceivable.   Why did we fight World War II?  Wasn’t the idea to give the Europeans free choice rather than Nazi domination?  Weren’t we fighting to give Greece, the birthplace of democracy, and Italy, the ability to exercise self-determination through free elections?  Didn’t that have just a little something to do with it?  How does that stack up with the fact that Berlusconi and Papandreou, both democratically elected officials, have been booted out of office and replaced by bankers?

The fear that this is the beginning of the end for democracy is being expressed in Europe.  Nothing much is being said about it here in the U.S., where our national denial about the degree to which our system has been co-opted by the wealthy 1% and the giant multinationals continues.

In Europe those who are “too big to fail” are now setting aside democracy and removing elected leaders.   If you think it can’t happen here in the United States, you’re kidding yourself.  For the most part, it already has.  It just wasn’t done in such an obvious way.

(*Brussels, is considered to be the de facto capitol of the European Union.)

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