Giant Therapy Dogs Attack Alarmist Headlines

We’re told we should expect a high of 84, here in Maryland today. Feels like an average day back in Los Angeles. I love these “what to expect” articles. It’s gonna be warm, that’s what to expect. Guess I’ve only noticed since retirement how fear based so much of the news is. Or maybe it’s become more fear based with the passage of time? I’m not sure. I know I don’t appreciate what appears to be a trend.

It’s nice seeing Joe Biden going to Ireland, simply because he wanted to. I mean, there doesn’t appear to be any crying need for him to be there, other than he’s Irish, and he wanted to visit the old sod. So he went, and everything is quiet, and that’s kinda nice for a change, a U.S. President going somewhere without an immediate crisis as motivation. At least it’s something that can’t be passed along as fear based news.

There’s a wonderful photo in my hometown paper, The Paynesville Press, accompanying an article about local folk volunteering their dogs to be used as therapy dogs for those in need. The photo shows one of the locals proudly posing with his three Great Danes. I had to imagine those three giants bounding into a room where someone was trying to recover from surgery. I guess it might scare the patient back up on his feet and out the door. The exercise might be good for him.

The Great Dane’s owner, Michael Chmelik, is quoted as saying, “One day I was going into a room, and there was a curtain drawn across the front of the door. I knocked, and the nurse jumped about two inches off the ground because she didn’t expect to see a huge Great Dane standing in the doorway, chuckled Wayne.”

All of it strikes me as being very funny. Therapy dogs, Minnesota style. Stop complaining, get your ass outta bed and get moving.

It’s like something Garrison Keillor would have dreamed up for one of his Wobegon books, except this is for real. Not that at least some of his writing isn’t based upon Minnesota reality. Made me smile, anyway. Not a bad way to start the day. Nice to know there’s a place where people care enough about others to offer up their pets as therapy animals. I’m sure it’s done elsewhere as well, but good for them. That’s all I’m saying. Good for them.

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