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It usually takes me a while to process movies.   A few hours at least, although sometimes I need to sleep on it.   And so, I have no shame in telling you that after viewing “Ghost Writer” it took me few minutes before the bulb went on and I realized that Roman Polanski made a movie on location in Cape Cod, without leaving Europe.

Cute trick, if you can pull it off.   Polanski did.

I was sitting there, totally sucked in by the illusion that everything had been shot on location.  I made a mental note to email my sister just outside of Boston, telling her to be sure and see the film.  A few hours later it occurred to me that Polanski was the director.

My in-depth and thoughtful analysis is that it’s pretty good.  Better than many.  Maybe even better than most.   Yes, I’m going with that.  Better than most.  I have a couple of issues with the plot and things slowed down a bit in spots, but not enough to stop me from recommending the film which has a sort of contemporized film noir sinister darkness about it.

Without giving it all away, it deals with the question of why a British Prime Minister would back the moves of a U.S. President when the rest of the world refuses to go along for the ride.   Ring any bells?  Like Tony Blair and Dubya Bush?

I just sent that email to my sister.

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