Finally, Some Sanity From The Right

 “I am not one of those who wants Obama to fail.  If he does well, the country does well.”  -Sen. Lisa Murkowski – Republican – Alaska

Murkowski, is also quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying her fellow Alaskan,  “Sarah Palin doesn’t have the “intellectual curiosity” needed to be president.”

Thank you, Senator Murkowski.  Finally, a Republican who’s making sense.


Ballot counting is still underway in Alaska, with Murkowski in the lead.  Her opponent, Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, is challenging the count based upon the apparent fact that some voters misspelled Senator Murkowski’s name.   That alone, makes me want Miller to go down in defeat.   What a sleazy way to try and steal an election.  Come to think of it, at least this time it’s a Republican trying to steal the election from another member of his own party, as opposed to robbing the democrats.  Again.  I wonder if Miller will try and get the Supremes to shut down to vote count while he checks the spelling?

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