Finally, Proof That It’s Not Me

 the sociopath next door  Is it me, or is it them?  I’ve asked myself this question for years, after being confronted by what I often times viewed as irrational or even insane behavior.   I now appear to have verification that it’s not me.  America, is in fact, loaded with people who are certifiably mentally ill.  Dr. Martha Stout, writes in her book “The Sociopath Next Door,” that as many as one in twenty-five Americans, is a sociopath.  Meaning, friends and neighbors, that any number of the people you are bumping into each day is without a conscience and feels nothing — no empathy or affection for other humans or animals.    They are deceitful and impulsive and will lie to your face without feeling even a wisp of guilt.   Some, are superficially charming, and will pour it on to get whatever they’re after.   This explains a boss I once had who would make a pledge to do something on Monday and have no memory of the conversation a day or two later.  Some people are merely forgetful.  With this guy, telling lies was SOP.

In the old west, these people would probably have been called “double dealers.”  I would guess many of them would have been shot.

Can’t do that now, so we just have to put up with their lies and underhanded behavior.  However, at least we now know what’s going on.  A big chunk of the country is nuts.  Not politically correct to say it, but there it is.  And it’s true.  These people are nuts.  After so many years of putting up with their underhanded crap and wondering what was wrong with them — if they had been beaten by their parents, or if it was a chemical imbalance of the brain, or maybe my judgement of their behavior might be off — I could care less about political correctness.   The more understanding you are, the more you try and cut them a break, the more they will tear you to pieces.  The really skilled sociopath can slam you around emotionally, lie to your face, work on ruining your life, and make you think that it’s all your fault.   Some can do it with charm and without leaving any fingerprints and are experts when it comes to playing the victim.

I’ve been around any number of these people.  God help you, should you end up with one for a boss.  By the time his or her higher-ups determine that what’s going on can’t be tolerated, it’s usually too late.  The damage has been done, both to the company and to the lives of any number of innocent employees.

Let’s forget the war on drugs, which was lost before it was started, and do something to get treatment for the hundreds of thousands of sociopathic Americans that are are doing God knows how much damage on a daily basis.  Fix these people’s personalities and we might be able to turn the economy around.

I knew we had a problem, but I had no idea it was this bad.  Except in politics.  And with Republicans, in particular.  Oh no? Who has slammed federal aid to Jane and Joe America more than Tea Party darling, Michele Bachmann?  And guess who has received substantial amounts of federal aid?  She has!  Michele Bachmann!   Melanie Mason and Matea Gold, report in the Los Angeles Times, that “despite her broadsides against socialized medicine,”Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, applied for public funds for his counseling clinic, Bachmann & Associates.  Since 2006, he has received nearly $30,000, according to Minnesota state records. The bulk of the money — $24,041 — came in the form of grants from the state Department of Human Services to train staff how to deal with clients suffering from chemical dependency and mental illness. That program was financed in part by the federal government.”

The Times also reports that Bachmann’s family farm received nearly $260,000 in federal subsidies, mostly in “corn and dairy subsidies.”

But that’s not all.   The numbers just keep piling up.  The New York Daily News reports that the mental health clinic operated by her husband Marcus, accepted $137,000 in Medicaid payments over six years.  And all the while, Ms. Bachmann railed against the evils of Medicaid.

This is of course, hypocrisy at its worst.  You have to wonder if it might not be something more.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Proof That It’s Not Me”

  1. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for sending this blog. Now I know that it is “them” not us. I enjoy seeing your personality throughout the website as the man that I really got to know 3 years ago. It is so well done. I really had not looked at it some time, but for sure i will bookmark it and use it a source of real news in the future.

    I hope that things are going well with you and your family.

  2. Only sociopaths and Republicans are likely to tear you to pieces. I think the estimate of 1 in 25 is low. Of course that may not count the partial sociopaths among us.

    And for what it’s worth I NEVER suspected it was you who was the crazy one. It’s them.

    But it could be worse. Read Bill Rempel’s great new book…the USA is a day at the beach compared to Columbia.

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