Filmmakers Lose the “Battle of Los Angeles”

   I generally don’t go in for this genre, but being an Angelino I decided to suck it up and give it a shot.  Sorry that I did.

“Battle: Los Angeles” is  “The War of the Worlds” all over again but this time the aliens are after our water.   However, this take on the same old theme lacks the personal and emotional draw of the story by H.G. Wells and the subsequent adaptations of his book by Hollywood.  “Los Angeles,” has lots of gunfire, explosions, some excellent special effects and that’s about it.   If you like combat video games (15/16 and younger), you’ll probably like this film.   The Marine Corps might find it has some value as a recruiting tool.  But if you’re not into an audio/visual assault on your senses and not much more, then save your money.    At one point the script was so weak and the directing so bad that the audience burst out laughing during what was supposed to be a key moment of heavy drama.

The critics at Rotten Tomatoes are giving it 33%.  I think that’s about right.

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