Expanding Medicare (sort of)

 u.s. senate

Members of the millionaire’s club (the U.S. Senate) are talking about expanding medicare coverage by letting people aged 55 to 64 buy into the plan with their own money until 2014, when the new health care bill kicks in.   It’s a way to reach a compromise with those senators who have been bought off by the insurance and pharma industries and who, consequently, refuse to follow through on the public option most Americans want. 

Here’s a great idea from comedian Robin Williams.  The senators should be required wear corporate endorsement patches on their suits.  You know, like the Nascar drivers.  That way we could all tell who they’re really working for.

It appears most in Congress are working for a few corporate bosses and not the millions of Americans who thought they were voting for a major change when they went to the polls.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics,  from 1998 -2009, the pharma and health products industry was at the top of the list for dumping cash on the Congress, with their lobbyists turning over $1,760,225,789.   The insurance industry is in second place with $1,309,425,963.

If these guys can afford to pay out that much in bribe money, imagine what we could save with adequate federal regulation?   However, this kind of compromise may be unavoidable as a necessary first step in knocking down the current greed-driven system of health care delivery.  Three billion dollars buys a lot of loyalty.

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