Eric Holder Acting Like A Third World Public Official


The Attorney General of the United States has just sent a letter to the Russians, saying the U.S. will not torture or execute whistle blower Edward Snowden.  What have we come to when our highest law enforcement official feels a need to assure the Russians that we won’t torture one of our own citizens?   Remember when it was presumed that we weren’t torturing anybody?  Remember when we were the good guys, back in the days when they had to get a warrant to tap your phone and your very citizenship afforded you a measurable and defensible status in the eyes of the law?  Back when whistle blowers sought asylum here in the U.S., and the “rendition” of American citizens on American soil without due process was still called kidnapping, which is what it really is?

Detroit is allowed to go bankrupt, even while we bailed out GM, Chrysler and nearly the entire banking industry, the middle class has been all but devastated by multi-national corporations and Wall Street while our government spends our tax money to spy on us.   And now the Attorney General of the United States, feels compelled to promise that we won’t torture one of our own people if the Russians will just send him back, while the Obama Administration continues to attack whistle blowers and journalists with such gusto, that you have wonder what this Administration’s agenda truly is.

Why doesn’t Attorney General Holder go after the CEO’s on Wall Street with the same zeal he’s going after Mr. Snowden?   Snowden’s alleged offense against the country is nothing compared to the blatant and obvious criminal offenses of the Wall Street execs, who were first given a bailout with our tax dollars followed by a pass on any meaningful criminal prosecution by Mr. Holder’s Justice Department.

Isn’t the intentional destruction of the American economy for private gain a form of treason?

It almost feels as though Mr. Obama is nothing but a front for the far-right.  That he’s just posing as a populist, fighting for the majority while secretly taking orders from a relative handful of corporate and military elitists.  But that’s conspiracy nutjob territory, right?  I do though wish our public officials, our employees in Washington, D.C.,  would stop trying so damn hard to turn us into a third world country.

Edward Snowden, is probably better off staying right where he is.

4 thoughts on “Eric Holder Acting Like A Third World Public Official”

  1. Ron, suppose, by chance, that you are not quite in “nutjob territory”, what do you think Obama’s agenda really is? Even his folks at MSNBC, occasionally, seem to have to wait a few days to get the party line before commenting on a new issue or crisis.

    Detroit will survive. It probably will not flourish as it has in the past. Relying on manufacturing is no longer an option. The economics have changed. Taxpayer money will zig-zag into the city from the nation’s taxpayers. However,the term “bailout” will not be used. You see Ron, those folks in D.C. are more clever than the rest of us. Do you suppose there existed a bit of incompetent mismanagement of tax payer money through the decades in Detroit?’

    Holder still has a job? Stay well.

  2. Detroit stands as a monument to 50 years of fiscal mismanagement by Democrat mayors and union bosses. Holder and his buddy Obama are demonstrating the same mismanagement of the peoples’ interests, only at the national level.

  3. Yes, Ron, “The destruction of the American economy for private gain” is a form of treason, and over the past two decades the GOP has been very aggressive about tearing the middle class apart.

    As you know, I’ve been saying for quite some time that Obama is not a Democrat. He’s what a Republican used to be. A lot of his policies were Republican ideas originally (which gives anyone paying attention a real clue as to how far right the GOP has gone).

    Republican governors can’t wait to sell our cities to private multi-national corporations. Like crabs in a pot of cold water on a heated stove, the cities in our nation are slowly eroding, and the buzzard’s in corporate America are salivating.

    In the words of Willard Mitt Romney – “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Detroit is just a preview of coming attractions. The corporate masters will have their way with the Detroit’s assets, pensions, etc., paving the way for more expansion of privatization.

    Isn’t it interesting that Gov. Rick Snyder appointed former Jones Day bankruptcy attorney Kevynn Orr as the emergency financial manager to “deal” with Detroit’s financial woes? I wonder how much profit Jones Day will make from Detroit’s bankruptcy.

  4. BTW, we definitely don’t need Larry Summers at the Federal Reserve.

    If it was up to him, there never would have been a stimulus for Main Street – only Wall Street.

    Leave it to President Obama to nominate such a first class creep to head the Fed.

    I’ll be glad when he stops bending over for the wrong-wing nut jobs.

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