England Turned On By American Actors

Nicolas Cage

         photo – wikipedia

American actors are turning on the British.  Well, turning their Christmas lights on, anyway.  First it was Jim Carrey, flipping the switch on the Christmas lights on Oxford Street in London as a promotion vehicle for Disney’s animated motion picture version of Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol.”    Okay, I can understand that.  It was a movie promotion. Dickens, London, I get it.  But then Nicolas Cage showed up to flip the switch on the city lights in Bath, where the actor apparently owns property. Guess he just likes the place and wanted to go along with the holiday spirit thing?   It’s now being suggested (tongue-in-cheek) that maybe the City of Bath should permanently mark the occasion with a statue of Cage.  Gotta love the Brit’s dry humor.  Maybe we should reciprocate by having Michael Cane turn on the lights at Rockefeller Center in New York while Daniel Radcliffe can flip the switch on the lights in LA’s Griffith Park?   Is Thanksgiving over yet?

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