Egypt Flips-Off The United States

Secretary of State John Kerry, visits Egypt where he promises to deliver Blackhawk helicopters to the Egyptian military, based upon an understanding that the new Egyptian government will improve its record on human rights.   One day later the Egyptians imprison three Al-Jazeera journalists for the apparent crime of practicing journalism in Egypt.  “Evidence” put on by the prosecution includes “videos of trotting horses and a song by an Australian singer.”  Observers report the fix was definitely in.

Amnesty International, is among those criticizing the verdict as being unfounded.  The Guardian reports, “In an official Amnesty statement, the group called the verdict a “dark day” for press freedom. “In 12 court sessions,” the statement read, “the prosecution failed to produce a single shred of solid evidence linking the journalists to a terrorism organisation or proving that they had ‘falsified’ news footage.”

Three more journalists, two British and one Dutch were convicted and sentenced to ten years each, in absentia.   In a show of prosecutorial sloppiness, Egyptian prosecutors misspelled the Dutch journalist’s name and identified her with an incorrect passport number.   Meaning, in effect, they convicted and sentenced a non-existent person.

Could be sheer coincidence, but timing is everything, and it would appear Egypt’s new President Sisi, has just flipped-off the United States in a very obvious way, and he can afford to.   Saudi Arabia, has promised to make up the difference for cuts in support from the United States or other western nations.

And now Mr. Kerry, has moved on to the U.S. caused mess in Iraq, for talks with Nouri al-Malaki, which will undoubtedly prove to be another waste of time, as the holy war moves forward without regard for the United States – which is to be expected, as this is a dispute between the Sunni, the Shia and the Kurds.  It’s no longer our fight.   It never should have been, even though some in government and the media seem to think the U.S. somehow has an ownership interest in Iraqi soil.  Is Kerry there to build upon the U.S. record of causing death, destruction and chaos in a nation the United States had no real cause to invade?

How much of what the U.S. is doing in the Middle East and North Africa is in the best interest of the people of the United States, as opposed to the wants and needs of big oil and right-wing extremists in Israel?

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