Edward Snowden – The Best Is Yet To Come?


It’s being reported by Bill Moyers and others, that the best is yet to come from Edward Snowden.   Apparently Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have held back the best for last.

Apparently, Snowden, via Greenwald, is going to name names of those the NSA was (is?) spying on.   Which could mean very little to most Americans, unless the NSA has been spying on political figures for political purposes, or business leaders for purposes of assisting one business or another.  If that’s the case, if they’ve gone beyond inadvertently scooping up certain persons in their massive cyber-spying dragnet and instead have been targeting otherwise innocent business and political leaders, activists, writers and others for reasons that have nothing to do with hunting down terrorists, then this could be huge.  Bigger even, than listening in on the cell phone conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  At least it should be.

Perhaps the question isn’t who the United States is cyber-spying on, but who isn’t the United States cyber-spying on?  Anybody?

I’m reminded of an article in the Wall Street Journal in August of last year entitled, “NSA Officers Spy On Love Interests.”  

At this point the U.S. government is so dysfunctional, so badly broken and unresponsive to the will of the majority, one wonders if there’s anything the nation’s leaders can’t pull off and then just skate away.   Like letting the Supreme Court decide the outcome of a presidential election by stopping the ballot count in Florida.  Like taking us into another “Gilded Age” by letting billionaires and corporations send their money offshore to escape taxes while making sure average folk pay every last penny they owe.  Like continuing to subsidize big oil even while the oil companies profits soar.  Like ignoring a poll showing that 90% of all Americans want expanded background checks on gun purchases.  Like setting aside whole sections of the Constitution, thumbing their noses at due process and privacy, while spying on millions of American citizens without proper court approval.  And Edward Snowden, is being demonized as a “traitor?”

Naming names,  could be huge.  If America still cares.  If we haven’t already given up on who and what we’re supposed to be.

The names will eventually be published online, in “The Intercept.”

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