Drew Brees vs. The Archers

I heard about this in the gym yesterday.  I didn’t believe it then and I’m not sure what to think after seeing the video.

The premise for the show “Sports Science” was this:  Who is more accurate?  New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees, or an Olympic archer?  Their conclusion is that Brees has the greater degree of accuracy.

They had Brees firing a football at an archery target 20 yards away.   They compared his accuracy to what appears to have been the average number of hits from archers (they don’t say how many) in the 2008 Olympic Games.   I’d like to throw out the average and see Brees going head to head with someone deemed to be the finest archer in the world.

It should also be noted that Olympic archers are trying to hit targets at a distance of 76.5 yards.

Either way, Brees is an amazing QB.  But Olympic archers are pretty accurate, too.

See what you think.

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