Dear Oscar, I Think You Missed A Couple?

   Note to the Academy:  Please go back and watch “My Week with Marilyn.”  It’s one of the finest films of the year and horribly underrated.   Maybe because it’s too British?  It’s certainly better than “Hugo” (good children’s movie), “The Descendants” (good but not great – probably got the nod because Clooney’s in it) and “The Tree of Life”  (a deadly dull attempt at one-upping Arthur C. Clark).  Marilyn, on the other hand is a great film, due primarily to Michelle Williams amazing portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.   Beyond that, the direction, acting and contrast between the staid and proper Brits and the sexy child-woman bombshell creates a milieu that causes Williams to not just “pop,”  but to explode onto the screen.  “Marilyn” is fun, interesting and intriguing and it should be up for best picture.

Kudos to the Academy for at least noticing another hugely underrated film, “Margin Call.”   It’s up for original screenplay.  It too, should be up for best picture.  I can’t understand why this film with a stellar cast including Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Simon Baker and Stanley Tucci, and perfect topical timing – possibly the best movie about Wall Street ever made – was largely ignored by the industry?   Perhaps the acting was too good to the point of appearing effortless, leading awards screeners to conclude it presented too little challenge to the cast and crew and was therefore not worthy?  Why its release was limited to second-tier theaters and all but ignored for major awards is beyond me.   This was a huge miss.

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